Vegetable Gardening in Summer

It was not a kind Spring for gardening in general and Vegetable gardens in particular. After a very promising week-long spell of above average temperatures in September a return to Winter-like weather with rainfall very heavy at times, made it difficult to get seeds to germinate or even to be planted in the soggy soil. The result is later maturing crops of beans, peas and sweetcorn.

Usually by early summer it is time to get watering systems working if a succession of crops is to be achieved, but so far tanks of water, saved for that purpose, remain full. This means with warmer temperatures and reasonably wet soil germination should be much better. Beans and Sweetcorn sown in late December and early January should provide good crops in March, as will the likes of Turnips, Carrots, Spring Onions and Radishes. There is also time to plant Cucumbers and pumpkins as seedlings along with parsley and a range of other herbs.

Remember to apply a good organic fertiliser like Giganic at the time of planting and again after about 6 weeks. The use of a good mulch around the plants will help conserve water.

Mattz Mowing
Native Plants
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